Webhosting Security-Best Practices and Concerns

When you talk about secure webhosting many thinks about protecting websites from hackers and malicious codes. But most of the time we forget to consider that a websites securing a websites has numerous facet. One of the most important aspects of webhost security is to ensure continuous operation and disaster recovery of web service. This post aims to develop broader picture that can help you to take necessary steps to ensure your sites continuous operation. [Continue reading]

Types of Virtualization Technology-Advantages vs. Disadvantages

types of virtualization

Virtualization helps to integrate several servers into a  physical server in such a way that every server appears  as a standalone server to the users. The three types of  popular server virtualizations are OS virtualization, hardware emulation … [Continue reading]

20 Forensic Investigation Tools for Windows

To investigate Windows system security breach for any potential security breach, investigators need to collect forensic evidence. Microsoft has developed a number of free tools that any security investigator can use for his forensic analysis. This … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Cloud Computing Security Issues

cloud computing security

All types of data of an organization are not equally important for its business. Because of business criticality, some  data need to be secured and private. The enormous computing power of cloud lurks every business to put their data in the cloud, … [Continue reading]

Cloud Privacy Issues and Questions for Users

cloud privacy issues

Though various types of cloud are available to serve various types of customers,  they all serve the same purpose-offer IT resources and services to customers accessible via web browser.  The hardware and software powering the clouds always stay … [Continue reading]

Types of Backup-Difference between full, incremental and differential backup

incremental backup

Data backup gives us a sense of assurance that our data can come back to online no matter what happens to our system. Whether you are a backup administrator or a IT auditor, having a clear understating of the backup types will help you develop a … [Continue reading]

How to Protect Networks against Advanced Evasion Techniques(AET)

advanced evasion technique

Evasion techniques evade the exiting network security devices such as signature based  IPS and firewalls to enter the internal network to deliver exploits in servers. Most of the Intrusion detection and prevention system rely on attack signatures to … [Continue reading]

How to audit Linux CentOS Security with Lynis

how to download lysis in linux

Hardening Linux security may seem to be a daunting task for new Linux administrator and security auditor if they try to do it manually. Lynis automates the process of Linux security audit, which is widely used by system administrator, IT security … [Continue reading]

How to Check BlackListed IP of WebServer and Website

how to check blacklisted IP of webserver

The purpose of this post is to show a layman how to check if a IP is in the blacklist of white list. You may need to buy a webhosting plan  for your website, and after configuring your site you discovered that your site fails to deliver emails. … [Continue reading]

Steps to Check Windows Server Vulnerability with Nexpose Community Edition

nexpose installation

There are only a handful of tools for checking Windows server vulnerabilities. If you are familiar with Microsoft security tools testing tools you may have noticed that  their tools focus on the security configuration setting of the server. What if … [Continue reading]

Windows 2008 Server Security Hardening with Automated Tools

windows server security tools

One of the quickest and easiest ways to hardening your windows server 2008 r2 security is using automated tools to check the current security status of your server. Once you identify the security loopholes in the server, you can fix those security … [Continue reading]

How to Control Directory Access with Htaccess and Htpasswd in Apache

directory access control with htpasswd and htaccess

  Htaccess file is used to control access to directories in the web server. Normally, website administrators write htaccess file to put appropriate access control to files and pages stored in a specific directory. This method of directory … [Continue reading]

8 Effective Ways to Improve IIS 7.5 Performance

IIS performance tuning

Like any other web servers, IIS 7.5 is capable of running web applications and sites blazing fast when you fine-tune some of its important performance parameters. This post will give you a list of effective methods that can make your Internet … [Continue reading]

Active vs Passive FTP Mode: Which One is More Secure?

FTP mode active

FTP or file transfer protocol is used to transfer files between two computers: one is FTP host or server and another is FTP client. In addition to transferring files, FTP helps to gain access to the physical location of the server to modify files … [Continue reading]

How to Build Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2008

how to create windows 2008 cluster

The main objective of a failover cluster is to ensure high availability of  services. A failover cluster means that only one server--which is also known as active server--in the cluster will provide the service such as a file server or webserver. … [Continue reading]

How to Pass CISA at the First Attempt?

CISA exam preparation tips

Unlike most other vendor certification exams., CISA (certified information system auditor) is a paper-based test. Though,  ISACA never publish any data about the passing rate of this exam., it is pretty easy-to-guess from available data in the … [Continue reading]

Yahoo Mail Security Settings:How to Protect Your Account

accoung information

To secure your Yahoo mail account you need to block the doors that are easy for anyone to get access to your account. This post will help you to modify your account settings to make your mailbox  safer than ever. If you are a Yahoo mail user, then … [Continue reading]

How Do I Know If My Computer Has Been Hacked?

check tcp port connection

If you know some simple and easy-to-use methods to check that if your computer has been hacked you can confidently work online or visit any site  without much worrying about your data privacy. The good news is that there are some simple ways to … [Continue reading]